Jackson Central Office

Volunteer Work

Your Central Office is the "front line of A.A." in our community. We get calls from the general public and from schools, hospitals and other institutions needing information about Alcoholics Anonymous. We provide services such as speakers and literature to these institutions though our various committees.

We take many calls from alcoholics needing help, and we carry the message to them in many ways. Sometimes we refer them to the closest A.A. group, and occasionally we provide them with rides to meetings. We always try to share our own experiences with them in the hope of triggering the identification process that leads to recovery.

Many members contact us about meeting schedules for groups all over Mississippi and beyond.

Our Special Workers

A.A.'s Eighth Tradition states, "...our service centers may employ special workers." Our Manager and Assistant are accountable to the Steering Committee, whose Trustees are accountable to the Representatives, who are accountable to their respective home groups. The Manager is responsible for the daily operation and fiscal responsibility of the Central Office. Matters that pertain to the groups or members of A.A. in general are brought to the Representatives for a vote. For example, the groups, by the vote of their elected representatives, decided many years ago that the office should sell medallions and non-A.A. literature in addition to a complete catalogue of literature from A.A. World Services and The Grapevine, including foreign-language publications.

Future of Central Office

In the future, we hope to continue and enhance these services that reflect the finest in A.A. tradition. The Mid Mississippi Intergroup will continually strive to improve its vital outreach with our standing committees. Your A.A. Central Office will continue to employ competent, skilled, dedicated special workers with an equally committed corps of A.A. volunteers. The times require responsible, able workers who can understand financial analyses, publish a newsletter, have working knowledge of the latest computer technologies, and know our A.A. community intimately. Yet, we never want to lose sight of our most fundamental principle: being responsible to the alcoholic who still suffers and wants help. We are here to serve.

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