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Home Office Update

The Mid-Mississippi Intergroup meets on the first Thursday of every month at 650 E. South Street (where Central Group meets) at 6:30pm. All are welcome! We would like to see all local groups represented, as well as any Zone 4 groups that would like to participate; bring it up in your group conscience meetings! If you have any questions at all, please feel free to call Randy or myself at the numbers listed below.

The Central Office will be open Tuesdays and Fridays from 12 to 6 PM. If you have a large book or chip order, it's helpful to call or text one of us with a list so we can get it ready for you to pick up. For special needs outside of regular business hours, give us a call to see if we can help.

NOTE: We NO LONGER require Curbside Pickup!!!
Come on in! If door is locked, PLEASE knock or ring doorbell, we will let you in.

Central Office (601) 982-0081 (voice only)
Paxton P. (252) 399-3911 (Office Manager)
Randy B. (601) 540-3203
Email Midmissintergroup@gmail.com

Letter from Paxton P.

Online Meeting Information

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, many groups started hosting online meetings using Zoom. All current groups have resumed in-person meetings, but many continute to host online meetings in addition to their in-person meetings. Please refer to this page for access information and updates to local online meeting schedules. For additional online options and other resources such as speaker tapes and more, please go to "aa-intergroup.org".

Click here for local online meeting (Zoom) access information.


We publish an events list for the wider local area on a regular basis. The list is available in the Sobriety Gazette, by email, or on this website. If you would like to be on the email distribution list for this, as well as current intergroup information, please let us know. If your group would like to add an event to this list, please contact us with the details, or send a flyer.

Click here to view the latest events!

Sobriety Gazette

The Sobriety Gazette is a publication of Mid-Miss Intergroup. The purpose is to improve communication between local A.A. groups, inform and encourage participation in service opportunities and events that promote sobriety. Opinions expressed do not necessarily indicate endorsement by the Central Office or Acoholics Anonymous as a whole.

Intergroup FAQs

  • What is Intergroup?
    Intergroup is a service office dedicated to supporting its members in helping newcomers who are seeking Alcoholics Anonymous.
  • How is it operated?
    A small staff of special workers* which includes the Office Manager and an Assistant Manager that manage all daily office activities. There is a 7-member elected board. Each person is a member of Alcholics Anonymous. ( * Tradition 8 )
  • Who pays for it?
    AA group and individual member contributions, the sale of publications from AA World Services, Inc. and the AA Grapevine, sobriety chips, and various other assorted recovery-related materials (i.e., books and pamphlets).
  • Does my AA Group have a voice in it's affairs?
    Yes! Each AA Group should have an Intergroup Representative. In addition to participating in the affairs of Intergroup, those representatives job is to inform their home group about Intergroup and the local service opportunities available.
  • We have our own meeting place, why do we need Intergroup's help?
    Intergroup phone volunteers help newcomers find your meeting location. Your Intergroup phone lines are the permanent link to connect members to AA groups in our zone (Zone 4), in addition to all of Mississippi.
  • How can my group be of service?
    You can start by seeing that your group has a voice (representative) at the monthly Intergroup meeting. Additionally, your group members can contribute their time for the 12th Step opportunities ensuring that the AA message reaches the still-suffering alcholic.
  • What services does your AA Intergroup provide?
    • Answer phones 24 hours a day
    • Information & meeting location calls
    • AA literature - English and Spanish
    • AA Grapevine Publications
    • Manage Intergroup finances
    • Provide financial information to members
    • Make 12-Step calls
    • Special events
    • Meeting directories
    • Cooperation with outside agencies
    • Maintain the Intergroup website

Intergroup Financial Reports