Online Meetings

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, many groups started hosting online meetings using Zoom. All current groups have resumed in-person meetings, but many continute to host online meetings in addition to their in-person meetings. Please refer to this page for access information and updates to local online meeting schedules. For additional online options and offline resources such as speaker tapes and more, please go to "".

Jackson area groups and outlying groups on our outside meeting schedule are encouraged to send us codes for their meetings when they start. Thank you all for keeping AA available in our recovery community. If your group has a ZOOM meeting code, please contact the Central Office at (601) 982-0081 or Randy B. at (601) 540-3203 and let us know so our recovery community is aware in changes in meeting availability.

Click here to download Zoom software.

Local Online Meeting (Zoom) Access Information

  • Jackson Local (Hodgepodge), 8PM, 7 days a week, Code 671-092-034, Password 243313, Zoom Link
  • Beagle Pack, 12PM Wednesday, Code 554-843-107, Password atthepack, Zoom Link
  • Firehouse Friends (Meridian), 8PM every night, Code 464-023-6974, Password FF8PMM, Zoom Link
  • Fireside Zoom Group, 8AM Mon thru Fri, 9AM Sat, 739-423-4268, Password 161616, Zoom Link
  • Happy Joyous and Free (McComb), 12 Noon Sundays and Wednesdays, Code 965-651-0020, Password 793937Zoom Link
  • Lambda Group, 6PM Wednesdays, Code 637-468-5522, Zoom Link
  • Vicksburg Women's Zoom, 7PM Mondays and Thursdays, Call 662-907-0435 for meeting ID/PW
  • Way Out Group, 8PM Mondays and Thursdays, Code 608-251-0685, Password 1939, Zoom Link